Tuesday Trend – Let’s Go Green

This week’s Tuesday Trend is LET’S GO GREEN. Whether you have a green thumb or not, greenery added to a design is on trend. Adding greenery, artificial or real, adds warmth and brings the outdoors in. Watch tv, read a magazine article, skim the internet — you will find succulents, air plants and so much more. But what to do with these green pieces you ask? These are the top most trend forward ways to use greenery.
BOXWOOD WREATH – Add a boxwood wreath to a front door to make it pop and add attention to your front porch. The simplicity of a boxwood wreath is perfect for any design, from traditional to modern. You can also add a boxwood wreath to a decorative window, mirror or mantle.
SUCCULENTS + AIR PLANTS – These two plants are perfect for just about anyone. They are easy to keep alive and require little maintenance – especially if you buy artificial 😉 . Air plants are exactly what they sound like, you soak the plant once a week and it survives on the surface or rocks/stones or moss. Succulents and air plants are great in a detailed ceramic pot or industrial concrete piece. Make them a piece of art in your home by choosing your favorite color, pattern or detail.
VASES + CANDLES – Add greenery to vases and candle holders to take a simple centerpiece to the next level. Add moss to lantern or vase as well if you prefer to not have to maintain greenery.
POTTED PLANTS – Have a green thumb? Create an eclectic look with multiple potted plants in a space. Choose different plants from cacti, succulents, air plants and more. Add each plant to a different pot. Mix patterns, colors and details for an extra design element.
Adding greenery to your home is a current trend and can’t go out of style. Bring the outdoors in with this design element. Need help deciding just how to bring this to life? Contact us for help in adding pieces to your home – Let’s Go Green | http://www.beyondthemilldesign.com
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Tuesday Trend – Colors of 2019

This week’s Tuesday Trend is inspired by the Sherwin Williams Colormix Forecast for 2019. We will call it the COLORS of 2019. Choosing the correct paint colors, fabric colors, artwork colors and much more is a key part of interior design. Colors can enhance specific feelings and emotions in a space. Specific colors can make a space feel different – for example darker colors in a tight space can make it feel even smaller and a lighter color can often refresh a space. Certain colors, like light blues, can elicit tranquility; while colors, like deep turquoise can elicit vibrancy and energy. We love the break down of colors by Sherwin Williams for 2019 — they created categories based on the groupings of colors as if they were people. They are broken down to the shapeshifter, wanderer, aficionado, enthusiast, naturalist and the raconteur. We love this breakdown because it is interesting to see which color scheme is preferred and what that says about you. Here is a short breakdown of each of the six categories (for the full breakdown visit https://www.swcolorforecast.com)
– The Shapeshifter – Deep, dark blues. Characterized by a futuristic style, ahead of it’s time.
– The Wanderer – Warm Brown Hues. Characterized by earthy colors, with a warmer palettes & a southern + bohemian feel.
– The Aficionado – Rich colors. Characterized by traditional hues + sophisticated style. Think of tweed, leather bound books and a tailored feel.
– The Enthusiast – Eclectic hues. Characterized by passion, energy and vivid design. Love the name from Sherwin Williams — COZY CHAOS
– The Naturalist – Botanical Colors. Characterized by natural, botanical feel, and lush tones. Think wandering through a rainforest.
– The Raconteur – Global Colors. Characterized by travel + global artistry. Think exotic.
With such bold colors like some of those listed above, it can be hard to find the right color for you or your particular space. At Beyond The Mill Design we specialize in color consultations and picking just the right hues + tones for you. Contact us today with your color needs – 703-729-2625.

Tuesday Trend – Made in the USA

This week’s Tuesday Trend is MADE IN THE USA. The true meaning in in the name – all or virtually all things made right here in the USA as regulated by the Federal Trade Commission. This is a popular trend due to the quality and craftsmanship of USA made products. Now, there is nothing wrong with an imported piece, they can truly be beautiful, but from our experience a solid piece made here in the US can withstand the test of time. Whether handmade or partially machine made, these pieces are made with precision, care and authenticity. These manufacturers stand behind their product and believe in creating only the best for companies and clients. This is a growing trend, as people are wanting to buy pieces that last, pieces that can be passed down through generations. American made pieces are often made of solid wood, hand crafted parts and durable finishes. The ability to source these quality, American made products is what makes Beyond The Mill so unique. Our relationships with our skilled craftsmen gives us the opportunities to customize the most beautiful pieces of the utmost quality. Love Made in the USA? Contact us today – 703-729-2625 – beyondthemilldesign.com


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Tuesday Trend – Wondrous Windows

This week’s Tuesday Trend is WONDROUS WINDOWS. Window treatments are the finishing touches of a designed space and as designers we often recommend them. They are essentially, “The elements which enhance the aesthetics of the window and the room”. The true beauty of our window treatments is the ability to customize our pieces – tailored specifically for a space, window and home. This is an ongoing trend, but some people just envision simple panels when discuss window treatments, but those aren’t the only option. There are many different styles and it is important to recognize these, as many might be more open to the idea of treatments if they knew their options (and there are many).
Some window treatments include:
– HARD TREATMENTS – Being shutters (polyresin or wood)
– WINDOW BLINDS or SILHOUETTES – These can be wood, faux wood, fabric, woven and more!
– SOFT WINDOW TREATMENTS – These include drapery; such as panels, roman shades, sheers, swags and more. And in this area, there are many different types of each, containing different hardware options and styles. For example, a roman shade is not just that. A roman shade can be a plain roman, hobbled roman, rear tucked roman, pleated roman, inverted balloon roman and so much more.
– TREATMENTS AROUND THE WINDOW – These are pieces that can frame around the window frame. Including, cornices, valances or a decorative molding. Cornices and molding are usually harder in nature and have a more solid look, where a valance in a softer fabric look.
With so much information it is good to know you have options, but it is also hard to know what is the best for your space. We are here to help, contact us today to discuss window treatment options for your home. There is always an option for everyone. To view more of our custom window treatments and ideas visit our website – http://www.beyondthemilldesign.com or call 703-729-2625
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Tuesday Trend – Customization |Have it your way!|

This week’s Tuesday Trend is CUSTOMIZATION. Customization, a well-known adjective in interior design, is when something is, “made or done to order for a particular customer”. Customization in interior design can range from the fabric & detail of a pillow to the entire rendering and creation of a built in basement bar. Custom is such a prominent trend because no two spaces are the same and though we may have common interests, everyone has unique tastes & inspiration. This being said, customization opens the window to blending styles and creating pieces for unique spaces. So long are the days where you are uninspired by the sofa that is the wrong color or the entertainment center that is slightly too big: let us CUSTOMIZE it. At Beyond The Mill Design we have thousands of textiles for custom pieces; including fabrics & trim, wood types/samples, metal options, glass options, paint swatches and so much more! Not to mention, with about 30 years in the industry, the capability to create custom renderings & 3D layouts of your piece(s) or space and then bring them to life using our skilled craftsman and quality companies. Customization is a ‘trend’ that will not and should never fade — it is imperative at times to create specifically for a space and we take pride in the ability to do so. Contact us today to customize and have it your way! http://www.beyondthemilldesign@gmail.com | 703-729-2625

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Tuesday Trend – Live Edge

This week’s Tuesday Trend is LIVE EDGE – this style can also be called natural edge. This is where the ‘natural edge’ of wood is used to create a piece of furniture or design. Live edge originated as a mixture of western and rustic styles, but has since expanded to more transitional and modern designs. By leaving the wood in a more natural state it can create a more rustic look, but when adding a glossy finish, a resin detail or metallic legs, the design leans towards modern. From oak, pine, walnut, maple and cherry – there is so much beauty and originality that goes into live edge pieces. No two slabs are the same – making each peace unique. The process of choosing and creating each piece is truly a work of art. It is important to find logs with lots of character (knots, burls and other unique characteristics), cut the slabs and allow time to dry. Live edge pieces can be used for dining tables, accent furniture and mantels. For these pieces, bases can be solid wood, iron, metal or acrylic. At Beyond The Mill Design we love working with Live Edge and have for many years — designing different pieces for clients. We are knowledgeable of the process and design behind different pieces that our skilled Amish craftsmen create. Contact us today to inquire about live edge, we are happy to provide more information and create a unique piece for your home. Email us or call – beyondthemilldesign@gmail.com | 703-729-2625.



Tuesday Trend: Everyday Embellishments

This week’s Tuesday Trend is EMBELLISHMENTS! According to House Beautiful, this is a common interior design trend for 2018. Even though adding embellishments to furniture & decor has been around for many years, the style of details grows & updates with the times. Embellishments in interior design can be fringe, beading, trim, tassels, metal nail heads, piping and more! Adding these subtle pops take a product to the next level, making them more design forward, unique and timeless. Whether its adding fringe to a pillow, trim to window treatments, or nail heads to your favorite chair, don’t be intimidated by adding an extra pop. At Beyond The Mill Design we specialize in customization – therefore we LOVE embellishments and believe it is a trend that is here to stay. These embellishments are what complete a custom design and make it unique to each client. Love these ideas, but don’t know where to start? Contact us today for your interior design needs – 703-729-2625 or beyondthemilldesign@gmail.com