About Beyond The Mill Design


For over 25 years Olde Mill Furniture stood in the heart of old Ashburn in the historic mill. Julie Davis-Gerard, Owner and Principal Designer, stumbled upon the barn, at the time known as Oak Barn, while with her sister. She then bought the business and renamed it Olde Mill Furniture. Further creating a quality Amish-made furniture destination and quaint shopping experience for each customer that walked though the door. The barn contains many memories of family & friends and it’s even where Julie met her husband.

While changing with the times and offering new products, the Mill began to adapt to meet consumer needs, yet still remaining authentic in brand and ideals. As the industry also changes, interior design has become more desired and extremely sought after. With creativity, authenticity, access to skilled Amish craftsman and top of the line home furnishing manufacturers, Julie has gained an extensive clientele. She has been customizing homes and designing furniture from Martha’s Vineyard to Florida since 1986. This expanding design experience has created new opportunities to focus more on interior design and customization – And with new opportunities comes NEW BEGINNINGS and that is how Beyond The Mill Studio Design came to life. Knowing the industry for many years, we pride ourselves on unique designs and personalized customer service. We are excited to introduce you to Beyond The Mill Studio Design, combining our love for design and our passion to create!

The name has changed, but the service and story remains the same!


Here at Beyond The Mill Studio Design we specialize in interior design & staging, custom furniture design, and home interiors. In order to create the ideal space for our clients, we first listen to each individual customer’s needs & concerns. With years of experience & knowledge, we choose from custom styles, sizes, patterns and more to best suit a client’s space. Our goal is to establish a trusting relationship with our customers and provide them creative options and quality products best suited to their needs and budget.


At Beyond The Mill Studio Design we are here to cultivate a destination where customers and clients will be listened to and guided in a direction that best suits their lifestyle and needs. It is our job as designers to create a vision to meet our customer’s needs. Throughout the design process we believe in three fundamentals: quality, style and function. We have been consistent throughout our 26 years in staying true to these ideals. Our passion for what we do makes it easy to create honest & trusting customer relationships. By understanding the latest in design and furniture we are able to provide our clients the most authentic products and services and share a valued experience, further enhancing everyone involved. Our customer’s needs are our top priority.

We truly love what we do and we are blessed to work with such amazing people, both clients and manufacturers. Thanks for instilling your trust in us and partnering with our team!


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