New Year. New Home

Trends are very common in home design. Some last and some just can’t stand the test of time. We are going to talk about some common home design ideas that are out of style. We will also look at some new home design ideas that will make your home one to desire!

1. Out with CHEVRON & In with fun, modern prints.

As much as we all loved Chevron (on just about anything) it just can’t stand up to the changing design inspirations. Change those chevron walls and upholstery to things like houndstooth, damask and quatrefoil, like the picture below!

Photo Credit – Jarred Epps
In addition to these fun new patterns, wallpaper is making a huge comback and is a great way to create an accent wall!

Photo Credit – Jeneration Interiors

2. No More Matching Furniture. Add fun accent pieces in different patterns or colors!

It is common for the untrained eye to want everything to match from the sofa to the love seat to the ottomans. But, it is very important to break up the same color scheme with a coordinating and complimentary fabric or pattern on a least one piece. Instead of creating a space with all matching pieces, add pieces like the accent chairs in the second picture. Add coordinating pillows on the sofa or sectional to pull everything together and achieve your desired look.

Photo Credit – House & Homes Palm Springs 

Photo Credit – Marshfield Furniture  

3. Nix the Painted Accent Wall and Pop on some Eclectic Wallpaper!

The idea of adding an accent wall to a room is still commonly used, but now it is come with more style in mind. Take a drab painted accent wall and add an elegant, coordinating wallpaper for an eye popping addition.

Photo Credit – Zillow Diggs

Photo Credit

4. Silver Kitchen Fixtures are so 2015, Add a POP in 2016 with GOLD!

Even though silver kitchen fixtures will remain a favorite for many years, it is most certainly playing it safe. Create a unique kitchen by adding gold fixtures and accent lighting.

Photo Credit

Photo Credit – 24 Design Construction

5. Let your COLOR FEARS of 2015 be in the past. 2016 is about sensory stimulating COLOR schemes!, a very well known paint company says that 2016 is about using these different hues and intensities to create you very own sensory driven space. Don’t you just love these colors below?
Photo Source  

So, let’s make 2016 the best home design year yet! Contact Beyond The Mill Design and ask us about out Design Services and let us help you create a space that is timeless. Our goal is for you to love your space for a lifetime!

New Year. New Home.

– The Beyond The Mill Team 



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