Classic, Cozy & Custom Closets


It is not unknown that women love a great closet! The idea of organization and a beautiful display of clothing, shoes and accessories is an important part of a home. Men are also jumping on the bandwagon and realizing the functional of a well put together closet.

No matter the size of your closet, creating a space that is functional and organized can help save time, money and make it easier to care for your clothing and accessories. Below are some of my favorite closets from It is important to create a space that is most efficient for your needs. It may sound silly because it is ‘just a closet’, but create a space that feels warm. This will help reduce time looking for your favorite pair of pants or make it easier to find the right shoes.

First up is a great idea for a child’s closet. This space is playful and is set up like a team locker room. This closet helps keep the kids organized and their items have a specific space. These built in drawers help keep the space looking tidy while still remaining accessible.

Next up, for the men. Now not all of us are able to have two separate closets, but if you are so lucky, these two closets are great! The first closet space is great because of the built in cabinetry for storage, as well as the cubbies for ties or shoes. No more searching for that special tie, these little nooks create a visible, organized space.

In the next photo the dark built in pieces create a masculine space, while still maintaining its elegance. Each separate rack is great for dividing different items of clothing. Keeping those items separate makes life easier when getting ready. Adding built in hampers keeps dirty clothes in their space while they await the wash! Add a large floor mirror for the ability to check your outfit before heading out.

And, of course, some great ideas for the beloved women’s closet. The first picture shows a great way to add to a small closet. Don’t let a smaller space discourage you! Adding shelving can help keep more organization as well as built in drawers for storage. Keep things tidy with shoe racks and randomized racks.

Next, if you do have the space, add more shelving and shoe racks. Like the next photo, adding a floating island in the closet with a functional drawer or cabinet can create more space and storage. Create this space to lay out your clothes for each day and be prepared for a carefree morning!

Lastly, like in the last photo, adding sectioned cubbies on shelves can create a home for accessories like belts, scarves, hats and more. And of course, what about those purses? Create shelving just for those purses. By having these accessories in your closet and so close to your clothing, it makes it easier to get ready in the morning, afternoon or night!


Visit Beyond The Mill for more guidance on how to recreate your closet space to suit your needs. Create a space that makes life easier, as well as one that properly displays your items.

– The Beyond The Mill Team


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