Transform a Space with These Simple Tips 

Sometimes a complete remodel isn’t in the budget. That’s ok, because at times all it takes is a minor transformation of a few things and the space feels complete. Below are some tips and tricks that are relatively inexpensive for creating an updated space. These are possible DIY projects or maybe you need a little bit of professional help. Either way, these ideas are sure to change the look of your home.
1. Repaint Your Island

Kitchen renovations can be beautiful, yet sometimes costly. If you are in the market for a complete reno, that’s great! If not, here is a possible quick fix that will transform from drab to fab. Below is a before and after of a typical wood island in a kitchen. With a few coats of paint, it is changed to a sleek, crisp kitchen island that better suits the space.

Photo Source

2. Change the Hardware

Like the photos below, transform your cabinetry in a few simple steps. Hardware can change the overall look of your kitchen and cabinets. The color and style of the hardware can make you cabinets stand out and create a ‘finished’ look that is often desired. Like the second picture, you can take a very traditional canbinet, pop on a modern, sleek handle and you get a more contemporary look. It is all in the details.

You can also repaint or stain your cabinets to bring them back to life. Or paint just your island and leave the cabinetry the same for an extra pop!
Photo Source  

Photo Source

3. Paint Your Banister

With colors and style permitting, painting your stairway banister can be a beautiful, yet simple upgrade that adds character to your home. The contrast in the picture below makes the stairway stand out and has a very rich and finished look.

Photo Source

4. Add a Custom Built-in for Your Space!

A beautiful piece designed by owner, Julie, at Olde Mill! Customized to fit the customer’s space and needs. Adding a built in can create organization and a completed space. The piece becomes a part of your home and is created with your style in mind.

5. Finish a Space with Beautiful Drapery

Custom drapery is a simple solution to finishing off a space. While using complementary colors and patterns with existing pieces, drapery can add a more tailored look to a room. Based on your space and style, drapes create the lines and curves that draw your eye into the room. Whether your like cornices, swags or regular panels, Olde Mill can create the look that suits your needs. You would be surprised just how completed your space will be afterwards!

Below are custom drapes from Olde Mill Furniture!  

One very important lesson to be learned when designing and decorating, is to finish off a space completely to make it cohesive. Leaving rooms unfinished can inhibit a home from feeling cozy & warm. Wih these few ideas and tips, your space can become more sophisticated and stylish! Visit Beyond The Mill Design for more tips and ideas for your space. Inquire about a Design Consultation and let us help you.

– The Beyond The Mill Team


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