4 Must Have Mud Rooms! 

Do you get frustrated when your loved ones throw their jackets on the floor or across the banisters when entering the home? Or is that pile of shoes piling up in front of the sofa? Well, one popular renovation to many homes at the moment are Mud Rooms. Recreate your mud room with more organization, functionality and hide unsightly items. Help your children find their items easier and still stay stylish while doing so! Below are four different, yet similar, mud room ideas perfect for any space.

First up, don’t have a mud room? That’s ok, create this look in your garage. Add baskets for storage and hooks for hanging coats and scarves. Add a large basket for shoes! No more lost or straggling shoes. Shelving is also another solution for this space for shoes and boots. Fill space with clocks or other accessories to make this outside space a little more homey.

Photo Source

Next up, let’s be kid-friendly as well! Let’s face it, a lot of the time, we need these spaces more organized for our children! Create single cubbies for each family member so everyone has their items in their own spaces. No more, “That’s my glove!” and wasted time searching for that missing shoe. Create drawers for small items or electronics. Add labeled baskets for storage and hooks to hang jackets and more! Adding labels, to spaces helps keep things organized. It also gives children a sense of ownership and the importance of taking care of things.

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So the kids are grown you say? That’s ok, create an organized space for YOU! Create a more sophisticated look with a beautiful painted built-in with functional shelving. Use more mature style baskets to store personal belongings. Add classic hooks for items. Create a seat perfect for putting shoes on and taking them off. Add an upholstered cushion and coordinating pillow to finish off the space. Throw in a piece of artwork or alternative artwork to complete your desired look! Also a great feature is the mixture of both shelving and cabinetry. Have space for visible display, but also hide your unwanted items.

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Lastly, here is a more modern look. Great for any home, but beautiful in a city home or penthouse. This sleek styles has lots of storage! Great in homes with a lack of storage and organizational space. This space lends itself to being modern with the cabinetry style and hardware. It contains simple lines and the space itself is rather basic in design, yet very gorgeous. This space lacks visible shelving, but is great for storage and for those who prefer to hide their items. Thought it is simple, one could add an upholstered cushion or pillow to complete this space.

Photo Source  

Like what you see? Need more guidance, ideas or plans? Visit us at Beyond The Mill Design and let us help. We can customize a built-in perfect for your space. We can customize the size, styles, cabinetry, shelving and so much more. From a traditional stained piece to a painted farmhouse style, we can help your achieve your vision. Not only will your piece be beautiful, it will also be functional because it is created with your needs in mind. Let us also help with the upholstery and accessories. Hope we can help!

– The Beyond The Mill Team 



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