Artwork That Completes a Room. 

At Beyond The Mill Design we believe that ART can complete a space and help achieve an overall feel to a room. It is also very important to work around art work and make sure you choose complimentary pieces that work with your art, rather than competing with it. It is key to compliment, not compete! In this post we are going to observe completed spaces with different genres of art.

Now for a CONTEMPORARY look from Uttermost below…these square pieces of artwork are created with a modern feel in mind. As you can see in the complete room below, the furniture and accessories compliment the simplicity in the lines of the art, from the arm of the couch to the silver horse decor on the coffee table.

Botanical or Floral Artwork, like that in the completed room below creates a light and airy feel in the room. Just like the natural feel of the art, the furniture also conveys the same. The wood finish on the chairs and console table and linen create the earth theme portrayed in the fern art. When using botanical or floral art work, first look at the colors that are prominent in the art, as well as the feeling of nature conveyed, when selecting the surrounding furniture and accessories.

The artwork in this space below has a contemporary, architectural theme. When completing this space it is important to notice the modern furniture and gorgeous detail on the three drawer chest. The silver in the lamp also compliments the silver in the frames. With architectural art it makes sense to compliment with detailed pieces that draw the eye to lines, shapes and patterns.


Artwork can most certainly change the overall feel of a room. Below is a completed space that conveys a masculine theme. With the dark browns, crimes and dark frames in the artwork, there is a toughness that is expelled throughout this space. In order to compliment the art, one should choose pieces like below. These pieces are detailed with darker colors, harder materials like metal and more masculine fabrics like leather and a nailhead trim. These pieces of art also make great accents for an office or den.


Lastly, for those that are fond of the everyday artwork, there are also alternative forms of art for your space. This space below is complete with gold and iron accents that are used in place of traditional art. These pieces still finish off the space and add a modern feel to the room. When looking at the finished room, notice how each piece ties into the overall gold theme. The lines in the four square mirrors are mimicked in the gold console table. The nailhead a on the four chairs tie into the theme as well. It is not always as important to match everything exact, but to create small details in each piece to compliment one another.


Visit Beyond The Mill Design and take advantage of our Design Service today! Let’s work together to create a unique space just for your needs, that is cohesive from the art down to the very last detail.

– The Beyond The Mill Team



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