Rugs, Rugs Oh Beautiful Rugs! 

One of the most beautiful finishing touches on a space can be a quality rug! Don’t miss out and let this information get ‘swept under the rug’ because we have some truly unique and stunning rugs available at Beyond The Mill. In this post, we will observe the rug manufacturers available at Beyond The Mill! Each manufacturer has a similar style while also exemplifying their own unique styles, patterns and trends. With that said, there is a rug for everyone at the Mill!

First up is Dash & Albert. This company carries a wide range of rugs and many varying sizes. From indoor/outdoor styles to jute and wool, Dash & Albert can be used in any space. Below are a few styles…

Pictured below: Top are the Petite Diamond Indoor/Outdoor Rugs, Bottom Left to Right: Chandelier Ink Wool Rug, Nigel Micro Hooked Rug & Zanzibar Ticking Cotton Rug

Featured below is an informational video, directly from the Dash & Albert website, on cleaning the indoor/outdoor rugs!

Dash & Albert Rug Cleaning Video!

Next up is Jaipur! These handmade rugs have a very beautiful and distinctive style! Now run by the founder’s daughter, the heart of Jaipur lies in bold styles and focuses on design and fashion forward trends! This just in, Jaipur is working with Designer Kate Spade in creating fun and exclectic styles, see the Astor Collection below!

Also from Jaipur, is the beautiful Blossom Collection below!

Now from Chandra! At Chandra they create diverse patterns and styles that suit many different design styles. Featured are designer rugs, pattern rugs and textured rugs. We love Chandra at Olde Mill!

Featured is the Alfred Shaheen Rug, Scotia Rug & Rocco Rug

Last feature are the stylish Kas Rugs! For over 30 years this company has been creating fashion-forward styles. Kas currently carries over 50 different collections of both handmade and machine made rugs. The options are endless! Here are just a few styles below!

From the Bali Collection:

From the Delano Collection!

Come visit us at Beyond The Mill Design and let us help you find the right style, pattern and size rug from one of our amazing and quality rug manufacturers! From wool to cotton and indoor to outdoor, the options are endless and we ensure we can find what you need!

– The Beyond The Mill Team


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