Back to School Fun…Desk Set-Ups for Different Ages!

In honor of most everyone going back to school today, we thought it would be a great time to talk about fun and age appropriate desk configurations for those of different age groups. Here at Beyond The Mill, we love to create custom pieces to fit the needs of our customers, which is why we are your go to furniture store for any age. Below are some pictures from ‘The Everygirl’ website/blog. Each picture gives a style point of view from different ages groups. As you will notice, the set up for the younger group is more playful and whimsical while the older set up is more sophisticated and practical.

Teen Desk Set Up:


20-Somethings Desk Set Up:


And for the 30-Something Professional:


Each of these desk set-ups contains a similar desk, but with different accessories and configurations, multiple looks can be achieved.

At Olde Mill we can create custom desks, hutches, chairs, chalkboards and corkboards. These pieces can be customized in different sizes, different colors, stains or finishes and made to fit your space. Below is a custom Amish made desk two-toned, painted in black, lightly distressed and waxed. The hutch contains multiple shelves and is removable. We can create desks with shelving, drawers and even pullout drawers to store your keyboard. The possibilities are endless.


At Olde Mill we can also order desks from different manufacturers. Below are some simple, yet beautiful desks from Furniture Classics that can be dressed up or down for any age.

The French Partner Desk


The Old Elm Writing Desk


The Madeira Desk


At Olde Mill we also love Two’s Company! They have fun accessories and home décor items. Below are some fun ways to spruce up a teen or dorm room desk! From a fun mouse pad to sweet desk trays, it is easy to brighten up any desk!

7694-208484-20_1_ 42292-20_1_ 50453_1_ 50864_1_

And, for a more sophisticated desk…also from Two’s Company.

6167-19 8740 50569-20_1_

Visit us at Beyond The Mill to discuss customization options and let us help you create the perfect desk or office look, no matter the age!

-The Beyond The Mill Team


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