51 Shades of Gray…And Complementary Hues. 

 Many people question the ability to decorate with a gray color scheme. There is a concern about the space being too dark, drab or seemingly unfinished. We at Beyond The Mill Design believe that if you love gray color schemes, it is possible to pair those grays with colorful accent pieces and decor.
In this post we are going to first review some popular shades of gray and then we are going to talk about three popular colors to pair with your favor shades.
First and most important, the smaller the space, the better it is to keep the shade of gray on the lighter side. The darker the gray, the smaller the room is going to feel visually. Below are different shades of gray that are currently popular and highly used. These colors are great for wall color as well as finding larger pieces of furniture like sofas, chairs, ottomans, coffee tables and more!

Now that we have an idea of the ’51 Shades of Gray’, it is time to talk about the three colors that help complete your space.

First up is Navy + Gray – Bedroom Decor. Pictured below is a fun color scheme that pairs well with gray shades: Pine Cone Hill Bedding and Pillows and a KAS Rug.

Another example of mixing Navy + Gray – Bedroom Decor.

Next up is Yellow + Gray – Living/Family Room Decor.  Below are two different accent collages. Both feature items from Surya…Pillows, Art, Pouf, Candle Lantern and a Throw.


Lastly, Mint/Light Blue + Gray – Living/Family Room Decor. Below is more decor from Surya. Pictured is a Table Lamp, Throw, Pillow, Pouf and Candle Lantern.

 Take your gray shades and brighten them with these three timeless colors! 

– The Beyond The Mill Team


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