Tuesday Trend – Fashioned Fireplaces

It’s getting cold outside and we are all looking for warmth this winter! Why not create a fabulously designed space for warmth? A home’s fireplace can be the gathering spot for most families and loved ones. This week’s Tuesday Trend is ‘Fashioned Fireplaces’ – no more are those builder grade fireplaces, giving your fireplace a facelift is on trend. Although, there are different ways to create a new look for your space and it is key to know the right design for your home & style. Here are a few of our favorites.
The Traditional/Transitional Mantel – This design can be seen in the first photo & has maintained a great trend. A fireplace encased in wood moldings, painted a traditional white. Though simple, this style can be a focal point of the space with its crisp nature. Add a beautiful painting or mirror & simple decor to maintain its true beauty. This style mantels is also nice with a simple stone or marble trim to add an extra pop.
A Rustic Stone Fireplace & Mantel – This is the current favorite and can be seen created in many different ways. Choose from different stone options – from a stacked stone look to fieldstone, even add veneer stones or shiplap. Thick wood slabs as mantels make great accents for stone fireplaces. Create a floating look without corbels – or add corbels for a more ornate look. You can also stone from floor to ceiling, or if you have taller ceilings, you can stop the stone halfway up the ceiling to create a more artistic look.
Details, Details, Details – The fun think about a fireplace is the opportunity to add or take away details. For example, add dental molding for extra details or moldings to encase a space. You can also add marble or stone to frame your fireplace depending on how ornate your style is. Add a stone ledge or leave it simple without. Extend your marble accents into the flooring. The options are endless.
Outdoor Fireplaces – Though it might be cold, outdoor fireplaces are on trend. Outdoor fireplaces are a great focal point for entertaining or gathering around a cozy spot on a cold night. Creating a look with beautiful stone and keep the traditional wood burning option or add gas for simple ignition.
Need help choosing the right design for your home & space? We have lots of experience in transforming fireplaces & spaces. Contact us today – 703-729-2625 or beyondthemilldesign@gmail.com
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Tuesday Trend – Space Saving Spectacles

This week’s Tuesday Trend is SPACE SAVING SPECTACLES. In interior design, details are key, but it’s not only the visual details that are important. Functionality can often take precedence. In this post we are going to highlight our Tor 4 favorite space saving design ideas.
Secretary Desks – As shown in the photo, secretary desks can function as both drawer storage and open up as a desk. When closed the piece can look just like a simple dresser. These pieces are great for rooms or spaces that can’t hold large amounts of furniture! We can customize pieces like these from size, color and finish.
Hidden Kitchen Drawers – Like in the photo, a great addition to any kitchen renovation, are hidden drawers, cabinets and tools. One of our favorite trends right now are hidden cutting boards built into a standard looking drawers. Eliminate clutter and gain counter space with an addition like this!
Murphy Beds – These are a ‘forever’ trend! Murphy beds are pieces that are created against a wall and mounted in a way so that the bed itself will open and close giving the illusion of a wall unit when closed. These pieces are both visually appealing and extremely functional when saving space — perfect for guest rooms, basements and smaller apartments. We love to customize Murphy Beds for our clients homes and have created many in different sizes, colors & finishes.
Trundle Beds – Trundle beds are defined as “a lower bed on wheels that can be stored under a larger bed”. These additions to a bed are great for younger clients — great for sleepovers and siblings! But, they are not limited to this age group, put these trundle beds in guest rooms and vacation homes as well. Some of our favorite trundle beds include the Wesley Allen Iron Beds, like in the photo collage.
Do any of these space saving trends appeal to your needs?? Contact us today to ask about our customization for your space — 703-729-2625 | http://www.beyondthemilldesign.com
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Tuesday Trend – Fall 2018 Highpoint Market

Just like any other field or occupation, in Interior Design it is important to stay educated, up to date and on trend. Though there are some classics that will remain true, there are always newly emerging ideas and designs. One of the largest furniture markets in Highpoint, North Carolina is the mecca of furniture expertise, design and products. In both the Fall & Spring, furniture retailers, designers, creators and much more, gather together for this week long market, where the forces of ideas and products combine. We love attending these markets to update our design knowledge and better serve our clients, all while building our design network and building lasting relationships with furniture designers and companies. After a market we like to reflect on what we gained from the experience. For this Tuesday Trend, we would like to share with you some of the trends of the 2018 Fall Highpoint Market.
MIXED MATERIALS – A great trend this market was mixed materials. From mixing wood elements with metal to glass with resin, mixing these materials is creating timeless designs all over. One of the greatest outcomes of these mixtures is the ability to use these pieces for multiple design styles. By mixing materials you can add multiple design elements to a space, which is very on trend.
WONDROUS WHITE – The color ‘white’ made quite the appearance. Whether on a chair, case piece of table, with color white was seen all around. One might think white can be such a plain color, but when mixed with different textures, these pieces become unique and statements.
PERFORMANCE FABRICS – Once just seen as ‘industrial’, performance fabrics made an appearance in more than just a few places. Many furniture companies and brands are adding performance fabric lines to their fabric choices due to their durability & longevity. No longer are the days of boring performance fabrics – there are now beautiful colors, elaborate patterns & prints and different materials like vinyls. These performance fabrics are great on sofas, chairs, bedding and so much more. As designers, we love the emergence of on trend performance fabric options – and we love the ability to offer quality to our clients.
RICH CAMEL & CARAMEL LEATHERS – Seen over and over were rich brown leather pieces – including chairs and sofas. Becoming such a widespread trend for any space, these strong & bold pieces were often thought of as masculine. These pieces are now used with all different designs and are a great trend of the 2018 Fall Market.
MINIMALISTIC STYLES – Sometimes simple can be best. Minimalistic design was a trend found all over the market. Clean lines, simple designs and a focus on each piece rather than over embellishing. Though mostly seen from a modern design standpoint, there are still many minimalist designs that are transitional & traditional.
These trends found are not the only influential finds, but these are some of our favorites. We enjoy remaining educated and creating designs that are timeless, yet still on trend. Can’t wait for the next Market!
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Tuesday Trend – Colorful Cues

This week’s Tuesday Trend is COLORFUL CUES – Inspired by the Sherwin-Williams 2019 Market Colors. We have named it ‘Colorful Cues’ due to the appropriate definition of the word ‘cue’ — from a psychological standpoint, cue can be defined as “a piece of information or circumstance that aids the memory in retrieving details not recalled spontaneously” and “a feature of something perceived that is used in the brain’s interpretation of the perception”. Interior design can often be psychological in that the colors, patterns and designs around us can elicit memories, feelings and inspiration; which is why it is so important to create a space appropriately to it’s audience + surroundings. We are very fond of Sherwin Williams paint and products, as well as their process for choosing color. This post is inspired by their 2019 Market Colors — featuring colors used in school settings, hospitality, hospitals/doctors offices, etc. Below are a few of our favorites that are featured on their site.
The Sweet Retreat – These are lighter colors that provide an airy feeling. These colors elicit a home based feeling to make the office comforting and as Sherwin Williams puts it, “Make work feel like play.”
Power Play – These are modern + bold colors – think Google. These colors add creative energy and an artistic vibe in the office.
Retro Revival – Miami here we come! Thing playful retro pastels — these are eye catching colors that are a fresh look onto a retro motel.
Off The Grid – Vacationing in the depths of the forest or tucked away on a beautiful lake, these colors are created to reflect earthy elements and natural feelings.
Upbeat Energy + Connected Calm – We have combined these two into one because they are the immediate opposites of one another, but are equally important depending on their settings. Upbeat Energy has brighter stimulating colors to elicit energy and motivation. These are great for doctors offices or pediatricians to create an uplifting & positive atmosphere. These colors can help with fear and stress. On the other hand, Connected Calm colors like, pastels and lighter hues are great for birthing centers, hospitals and testing centers where calmness and serenity is promoted. These colors create familiarity and relaxation.
Nurtured Nature – These are lighter, more natural colors. These colors provide a neutral & organic aesthetic. They promote a soothing atmosphere for concentration and focus. These colors are great for younger child facilities and spaces.
Bright Futures – Great for older ages! These colors promote visual interest and are meant to add energy to a school or space.
Specific spaces are not limited to these ideas – they are mere recommendations. Yet, have been proven to be the appropriate ‘Colorful Cues’. Need help finding your colorful cues? Contact us today – 703-729-2625.
Colorful Cues

Tuesday Trend – Stepped Up Stairs

This week’s Tuesday Trend is Stepped Up Stairs. So long are the boring wood stairs without any character and welcome stairs designed with new paint, wallpaper, iron, patterned rugs and more! This trend has become popular in the interior design world due to it’s simple, yet effective design nature. There are styles for every taste from traditional to modern and all that is in between. Here are a few top trends to ‘step up’ your stairs.
Runner Style Rugs – Adding a runner style carpet or rug to stairs adds both comfort and design. Coordinating colors and patterns with the rest of the space can tie a design together and add an extra element. This is also functional, as it can take cold steps and add comfort and warmth.
Wallpapered Fascia Boards – We love wallpaper! You don’t always have to add it to your walls though. Adding wallpaper to the fascia boards (or the front part of a step) creates character in a space. This updates outdated steps and is an art form in a home. Although, it is important to use a professional to appropriately install, as the steps must be primed and installed properly to avoid further damage. Due to high traffic areas, you want this to remain durable, while decorative. It is also important for the right pattern and design to be placed in each step. When done correctly, this addition is sure to be a favorite in the home.
Painted Steps & Banisters – Update, update, update! Painting your stairs and banisters is a great way to update on a budget. One of our favorite combinations right now is black (or charcoal gray) and white. This combination added, in the appropriately designed home, adds dimension and sophistication. Create a classic look with this idea.
Iron & Metals – This isn’t just for the outdoors. Mix elements on your stairs by adding iron spindles to wood steps and railings. With the many options, this element can create a more modern look or more rustic look depending on what the design direction is. Hand forged iron is artwork in itself. We love working with hand made craftsmen who create these pieces.
These are come of our favorite stair design ideas, but you are limited to these! The beauty of design is the ability to mix and match these ideas as well. Paint the stairs and add wallpaper or add iron spindles with a new runner. The options are endless, but it is hard to know where to begin. Contact us a Beyond The Mill for assistance — we work with skilled craftsmen, quality companies and trained installation professionals to help you get the look you desire.
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Tuesday Trend – Designer Dorm Rooms

This Tuesday’s Trend is DESIGNER DORM ROOMS. As Summer days begin to dwindle and college days near, the planning for dorm room designs must begin. While loved ones are away we want to still feel at home and comfortable. This space is meant to reflect individuality and the first years of independence. College days are supposed to be the best days of a young person’s life — so why not do it in style + functionality? Here are some great trends that are just that.
Functional Mirror – So long are the days of the plan mirror on the back of the door. Choose a functional floor mirror that doubles as a towel or blanket rack or a jewelry holder.
Peel ‘N Stick Wallpaper – Add a flare to drab walls with a peel and stick wallpaper that can be removed at the end of the year. Our favorite is NuWallpaper, they have great designs that are perfect for any age.
Minimalist Seating – As you may already know, dorms are not a luxury suite, so smaller seating is best. Try smaller cozy chairs or even poufs or oversized pillows as a decorative, yet functional seating.
Updated Desk Lamps – Desk lamps don’t have to be boring. You can still add the needed lighting with a pop of color, unique design and right size.
Artificial Plants – Bring life to a dorm room with artificial plants — they bring the outdoors in and require no maintenance. Choose colorful pots for an extra pop.
Picture Frames – Adding photos of loved ones to your dorm brings comfort in these first years away.
Comfy Rugs – Dorms can have hard, cold floors. Pop in a plush polyester rug that is both for comfort and easy to clean. This style can also be budget friendly.
Shelving – Since space can be limited, utilizing wall space is essential. Use shelving to store books, supplies and decor. Reduce clutter by keeping things stored and off surfaces.
This time is very exciting, but it is important to be prepared. Need guidance? Contact us at Beyond The Mill and let us help you create the dorm of your dreams – 703-729-2625 | http://www.beyondthemilldesign.com
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Tuesday Trend – Let’s Go Green

This week’s Tuesday Trend is LET’S GO GREEN. Whether you have a green thumb or not, greenery added to a design is on trend. Adding greenery, artificial or real, adds warmth and brings the outdoors in. Watch tv, read a magazine article, skim the internet — you will find succulents, air plants and so much more. But what to do with these green pieces you ask? These are the top most trend forward ways to use greenery.
BOXWOOD WREATH – Add a boxwood wreath to a front door to make it pop and add attention to your front porch. The simplicity of a boxwood wreath is perfect for any design, from traditional to modern. You can also add a boxwood wreath to a decorative window, mirror or mantle.
SUCCULENTS + AIR PLANTS – These two plants are perfect for just about anyone. They are easy to keep alive and require little maintenance – especially if you buy artificial 😉 . Air plants are exactly what they sound like, you soak the plant once a week and it survives on the surface or rocks/stones or moss. Succulents and air plants are great in a detailed ceramic pot or industrial concrete piece. Make them a piece of art in your home by choosing your favorite color, pattern or detail.
VASES + CANDLES – Add greenery to vases and candle holders to take a simple centerpiece to the next level. Add moss to lantern or vase as well if you prefer to not have to maintain greenery.
POTTED PLANTS – Have a green thumb? Create an eclectic look with multiple potted plants in a space. Choose different plants from cacti, succulents, air plants and more. Add each plant to a different pot. Mix patterns, colors and details for an extra design element.
Adding greenery to your home is a current trend and can’t go out of style. Bring the outdoors in with this design element. Need help deciding just how to bring this to life? Contact us for help in adding pieces to your home – Let’s Go Green | http://www.beyondthemilldesign.com
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